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Medical Response To Active Shooter

Rapid Control of Massive Hemorrhage and Airway Management

None, the class is open to all providers regardless of skill level

Saturday, March 26, 2016 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Course Duration:
4 hours

Course Tuition:
$50.00 (Usually $75.00)

Pelham Training - 699 E. Dillman Road Bloomington, IN 47401

Course Description:
This 4 hour introductory class focuses on the preventable causes of trauma death and will focus on how to recognize and treat those causes. This course will cover rapid control of bleeding as well as patient positioning. We will demostrate proper technique for commerical tourniquets, imporvised tourniquets, pressure bandages and care for an open chest wound. Competency is measured by return demonstration and brief drills using the techniques already demonstrated in a crawl, walk, run format.

The primary goals of the course are:

  • To teach skills and best practices to the initial first responders in trauma emergencies
  • To increase situational awareness.
  • To reinforce self aid / buddy aid
  • To demonstrate current techniques in wound management.

The principles introduced in this course are a compilation of trauma guidelines integrating operational and medical requirements into a consolidated set of best practices specific to prehospital care.

Course Requirements: This course requires active participation. Students are expected to lift, move quickly, and safely assume standing, kneeling, prone, and supine positions for periods of time and to recover without assistance. This course is an outdoor exercise. Students should bring a change of clothing.

Required Equipment::
Pants and long sleeve shirt that will get damaged.
Clothing and footwear appropriate to the season
Clothing may potetnitally get wet/damaged during the course of the exercise

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