Professional Emergency Services                                        Training Programs

 Pelham Training specializes in the design and development of effective initial training and education programs for EMS, military, law enforcement, and medical organizations.

Our primary goal is to create programs with such attention to detail in training that information is easily remembered and available for immediate recall when the need arises.

Pelham focuses on emergency services training that provides actual stress in a training environment to integrate in-class concepts to create a comprehensive training experience.

Our intention is far more than to just train you to pass an exam. We want you to fully understand the material and concepts introduced allowing you to think skillfully and critically. We strive to deepen your commitment to clinical responsibility, and respect for others; values we believe are essential to the practice of pre-hospital medicine.





OPEN COURSES for Remainder of 2019

 * Core Intensive EMT Course

  • December 1 – 14

* NREMT Practical Skills Exam – EMT

  • November 23   –   Register by November 18th
  • December 14    –    Register by December 9th

* NREMT Practical Skills Exam – Paramedic

  • December 21    –    Register by December 16th

* Paramedic Prep Week

  • December 16 – 20 : Register by December 13th (CLOSED)