17-Day EMT Academy Registration

Upon submitting your registration form you will receive an email with steps to complete the registration process.

All students attending the Paramedic Program must apply for a PSID # from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. You MUST have your PSID # prior to the beginning of class. Students attending the Paramedic Program from places outside Indiana are still required to have a PSID # prior to the beginning of class. There are no exceptions.

Complete information on how to apply for your PSID # will be included in your Welcome Packet that you will receive once the registration process is complete.

Methods of Payment: A down payment to hold your seat is required, payable by phone. The remaining balance is due on or prior to the first day of class. Payment schedules are available upon request.

Course Cost: $3,800

Cost Includes:

  • Tuition
  • Housing*
  • Handouts
  • Clinical Assignments
  • Logo Shirt – x2
  • Shower shoes
  • Photo ID Badge
  • Stethoscope
  • Vital Statistics Pocket Book
  • CPR Certification
  • Extra goodies throughout your course

*At this time there is no provision for price adjustment for those students that do not stay on campus. EMS is a lifestyle to be learned and we strive to give our students more than classroom time and learning how to pass a test. The housing experience is a part of the training format we offer to the students in alignment with the academy feel to give the students a sense of working as an EMT. 

If a student is adamant on not staying at the facility they may sign an opt-out form with the understanding the price will remain the same and they will still be held to the same standards and guidelines as those who are staying here at the facility.

Click HERE for details on Student Housing

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Student Information
If you have not yet applied for a PSID, please put N/A in this field.