17-Day EMT Program Registration

Upon submitting your registration form you will receive an email with steps to complete the registration process.

All students attending the EMT Program must apply for a PSID number (Public Safety Identification) from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Students should have a PSID prior to the beginning of class. Students attending the EMT Program from places outside Indiana are still required to have a PSID prior to the beginning of class.
You can apply for a PSID HERE

Students must be 18 y/o, we accept younger students if approved by admin. They must have a High School Diploma or GED.
Methods of Payment: We will send out an electronic invoice which you can conveniently access at any time.

Course Cost: $3,800

Cost Includes:

  • Tuition
  • Housing*
  • Handouts
  • Clinical Assignments
  • Logo Shirt – x2
  • Photo ID Badge
  • Stethoscope
  • Vital Statistics Pocket Book
  • Class Certification (provided by AHA at no additional cost to you)

*The cost of housing is part of the overall course price whether you decide to stay on site or choose to stay elsewhere. Although staying on site is not a requirement, it is encouraged as it can benefit the students overall learning experience by enabling them to study and support each other throughout the course.

Click HERE for details on Student Housing

Student Information
If you are not an Indiana Resident, please put N/A in this field.
If you are not, we can help arrange for a rental, or for you to carpool with another student, please contact us if you need any assistance