Pelham Training

Critical Care Training

This Critical Care Training course provides qualified civilian and military medical personnel the opportunity to demonstrate ability to deliver outstanding advanced critical care transport services. More than a course in critical care, this course trains you to utilize concepts learned and a better diagnostic capability to provide care for patients from point of injury, during prolonged field care, as well as during transport of casualties to forward surgical teams, support hospitals, and/or medical facilities.

A training gap exists between entrance ready paramedic programs and critical care training. Critical care is having an appreciation for interpretation of assessment findings and a better understanding of treatment modalities. It’s knowing an expected outcome of an intervention, ability to explain why you are doing what you are doing. 

Critical care training allows you to expand your understanding from initial training and experience to gain competence and confidence to manage critically ill or injured patients and make best decisions with clear communication within your team and other medical professionals. 

You are a medical and rescue professional. You have chosen a career field that allows you to serve others. Training in this craft requires passion and discipline to develop expertise and professionalism. We recognize your commitment and are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your training goals. Our primary goal is to create programs with such attention to detail in training that information is easily remembered and available for immediate recall when the need arises.

Course Description

The Pelham Critical Care Course is 45 days in length. There are five requirements. Classroom, Clinical rotations, Skills Lab, Case Review, and Test Prep.

Classroom: The first two weeks are 8 hour classroom days beginning with basic paramedic level information on the first day. Students are to be at the same level of understanding as we move on into critical care topics. Some overnight work is assigned over the class sessions in preparation for class the following day.

Clinical Rotations: Assignments are tracked with the clinical coordinator to assure benchmarks are met and begin the first weekend with rotations in hospital and ambulance affiliates. Clinical assignments focus on ICU, Surgery and ER beginning the second weekend.

Skills Lab: Sessions are scheduled throughout the course. Skills demonstrations, scenarios, and Problem Based Exercises focusing on Prolonged Field Care are included in lab. Many of the lab sessions are outside and away from the training facility involving physical activity. 

Prolonged Field Care training needs require that start times for lab vary and do not necessarily follow a daytime classroom schedule or an 8 hour day. 

Case Review: A discussion of many of the cases collected by your group as well as several cases from our files. These sessions are headed up by the medical director with assistance from Pelham staff. They are a chance to review “lessons learned”, ask questions, and clarify things that are still needing explanation.

Test Prep: You are back in class during the last week of the course for a three day review of critical care concepts and information you need in preparation to sit for a critical care exam. This is a fast-paced lecture, testing and review. 

(Students are required to stay with us but some exceptions may be considered and some agencies/units may need to split up the costs)

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Course Cost: $8,850 (Excluding car rental)

Course Cost Breakdown

Tuition: $5,500

Housing: $3,150

Rental cars are available for transportation needs to and from clinical sites. Students using our transportation should travel to Indianapolis and shuttle to Bloomington where we will pick them up and bring them to the facility for orientation. 

Car Rental: $2,700 ($60 per day)

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