Regional Hospital-Pelham Specialty Training Consortium
Hybrid Paramedic Program

Class size:  Limited to 15 students.

Total Duration:  17 weeks

Start date:  May 18, 2020

End date:  September 12, 2020


In compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions we will offer the May paramedic training program using a hybrid format combining online and in person training.

The course is conducted in two parts, online and at the Pelham facility in Indiana. 

Online components:  8 weeks – daily classes 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday –Saturday via zoom and other learning management systems.    Online activities will include both synchronous and asynchronous components, frequent quizzes, scheduled examinations, student presentations, group discussions with other classmates, etc. 

Classroom components:   9 weeks on site after successful completion of online component.   

If the Covid -19 quarantine requirements are still in place at the end of June 2020, the first two weeks students arrive for classroom component, they will stay at a local hotel in individual rooms to follow Covid -19 quarantine procedures.   During these first two weeks, students will participate in class activities conducted online from the hotel as well as lab sessions in our outdoor training area using high fidelity simulations.   After the first two weeks, students will be required to move into the Pelham facility, and follow the COVID-19 related guidelines, clinical and skill schedule.    


If Covid -19 quarantine requirements are not required from end of June 2020, students will move into Pelham facility immediately after arrival.   Classroom component will include skill training in clinicals, high-simulation activities, ambulance and ER rotations.

We are compiling a list of potential candidates in order to make timely decisions and are limiting enrollment to 15. If you have the interest and resources to complete this type of training, please contact us for your application and more information.



Estimated Costs:

Course cost is $13,500. This price includes:

– Tuition

– All textbooks

– Lab supplies

– Clinical shirts: 2 polos and T-shirt

– 1 photo ID badge

– National Registry skills exam

– ACLS & PALS certifications

– 1st written exam. 


Housing- $4480.00 – 9 weeks in Pelham Housing (if restrictions are lifted)

Housing: if restrictions are still in place          14 days in Hotel     – $1600.00

                                                                        50 days with Pelham – $3500.00


Transportation: (if student needs a car)$3520.00 – 64 days @ $55.00 


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