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Professional Emergency Services
Training Programs

Law Enforcement Tactical Trauma Course (LETTC)

Provision of Trauma Care in High Threat Environments


Only available to Law Enforcement Officers.

Description: Created for Law Enforcement Officers who want to understand and utilize the concepts of self-aid and buddy-care, care under fire, and tactical field care for maximizing chances of survival after sustaining life-threatening injury.

Prepared by experienced professionals from law enforcement, armed services and emergency medical backgrounds, this course utilizes actual officer down scenarios with a focus on the medical strategies that should be employed to better treat the range of injuries identified as causes of preventable death.

This is a hands-on course utilizing force on force, active shooter, high fidelity simulations, and stress inoculation to build the officer’s confidence and skill set in combining physical law enforcement tactics and battlefield proven life-saving medical intervention.

The LETTC course is two days of intense instruction, accommodating the needs of law enforcement officers who face life or death situations. It is rigorous, hands-on learning, with limited classroom downtime. It includes aggressive medical strategies that go well beyond the basic first responder skills taught to most police officers. Area of instruction and emphasis include tourniquet use, wound packing, airway control techniques, bleeding and circulation management, active shooter scenarios, care under fire, tactical rescue and tactical field care.


Course Requirements:  This course is physically demanding and requires active participation.  Students are expected to lift heavy objects, move, shoot, communicate, function in confined spaces, and safely assume standing, kneeling, and prone positions in adverse conditions and to recover without assistance.


Required Equipment:

Pants and long sleeve shirt that will get damaged

Clothing and footwear appropriate to the season


Optional Equipment:

Knee and elbow pads

Eye protection

Hydration system



Lecture time is minimal in this course.  Students actively participate in hands on training.