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Professional Emergency Services
Training Programs

Paramedic Refresher Course

NCCP National Component

5 Day Course


General Information

This is a five day continuing education course. Our course meets the National Registry requirements in accordance with the National Core Competency Program (NCCP) Your local Medical Director must ultimately approve the material for you to receive credit. Topic and Hour breakdown for CEUs will be distributed at the end of your course.

We offer a good mix of classroom, demonstration and real-time scenarios to keep the student engaged.

This refresher course only allows for the NCCP hours but does not include ACLS or BLS/CPR as these courses are to be included in additional continuing medical education.

The refresher course is fast paced. The most current evidence -based information is introduced in the classroom setting then put into practice in scenario based training using high fidelity simulations. Students spend much of the time out of the seat and involved in a variety of evolutions ranging from simple training lanes to full scenarios covering Emergency Medical Protocols, TCCC principles, and extended / critical care.

The principles introduced in this course are a compilation of guidelines integrating operational and medical requirements into a consolidated set of best practices specific to out of hospital care.

The primary goals of the course are:

  • To meet the refresher requirements
  • To strengthen the use of Medical Operations Handbooks
  • To introduce new material as well as refresh current practices
  • Present useful information that can be put to use immediately


Course Requirements: 

This course requires active participation. Students should be encouraged to come to class expecting to learn, to be tested, and to ask questions.  Students are expected to lift, move quickly, and safely assume standing, kneeling, prone, and supine positions and to recover without assistance.


Required Equipment for Students:

Pants and long sleeve shirt that may get damaged

Clothing and footwear appropriate to the season

Classroom materials

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