Housing Option 1: Pelham House

Students may choose to stay in Pelham Housing.  We offer a fully furnished four bedroom house about 30 minutes down the interstate. Students have utilized our housing option to tell us they enjoyed the benefit of having classmates to form study sessions.  They do their own shopping, cook at home, invite classmates to study or just relax and study privately.



Housing Option 2: Dorm style housing at Pelham Training Center

Students may choose to stay at our Pelham Training Center. We offer multiple dorm style rooms with shower rooms, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area. The benefit of staying at the facility is less travel time to and from class, meaning more time to study and create study groups. They can also do their own shopping and cooking just like in housing option 1.  

Housing is $70.00/night


To arrange housing, please call or email tabram@pelhamtraining.com