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                                 Tuition – $3000.00

              Cost DOES Include                                                                                        Cost DOES NOT Include
Tuition                            Shower Shoes                                                        Food
Housing*                         ID Badge                                                                Transportation to and from clinical sites
Logo Shirt x2                  Stethoscope                                                            Classroom Supplies
Handouts                       CPR Certification                                                     Duty Pants
Clinical Assignments     Vitals Pocket Book                                                   NREMT Cognitive Exam

* Unfortunately, there is no provision for discounted pricing for students choosing to opt-out of housing. An “opt-out” form is available, and the room is assigned to another student. Those students will be held to the same time standards and squad duties as those who are staying at the facility. 

EMS is a lifestyle to be learned and we give our students more than classroom time and learning how to pass a test. The housing experience is a part of the training format we offer in alignment with the academy feel to give the students a sense of working as an EMT.   


                         Prerequisites and Requirements
 Information on how to obtain and send each item will be provided in the Welcome Packet after the student is fully registered.

  • TB Test: Must not be older than a year from the end of your registered class date
  • PSID (Public Safety Identification number)
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Immunization Records / Vaccine Administration Record
    (Not required for the April, May, June courses however would open up different clinical sites.
    Will be required beginning with the July course)